• French Connection phase II completed; extension of Summit trail all the way to Schacher
  • trail crew work: clearing of 100’s of trees, dirt work on Hymenoptera and Mighty Quinn, re-build of Premature, rehab of upper Canyon Creek, annual inspections of woodwork and subsequent repairs, brushing of 20km of trail
  • first phase of skills park completed and ready for opening in the spring of 2023
  • restructuring of the GCC Board of Directors and change to voting within the Board
  • Races: G24, Golden Ultra
  • addition of 5K parking lot (with washroom!)


  • New trails: French Connection (phase I)
  • Trail maintenance: 30km brushed; re-routes; 100 downed trees removed; repair of woodwork, berms, and drainage
  • Races: Psychosis
  • Trail development plans created for all networks
  • 5-yr strategic plan created focusing on Culture, Trails, and Club Sustainability


  • New trails: Twisted Sister, as well as Golden’s first Adaptive Trails (Arm Pumper, Lippy Punk, the Kids are Back)
  • Trail crew continues maintenance on all networks
  • Races: Psychosis returns after a 12yr hiatus to fly in the face of COVID-19
  • Pump track completely redone
  • GCC website gets a fresh new look


  • New trails: upper Twisted Sister completed
  • 2-person trail crew for a 2nd summer
  • Races: G24, Golden Ultra, Western Open BC Cup Downhill Race


  • GCC employed a 2-person trail crew for the summer (1000hrs)
  • winter grooming of upper CBT network trails
  • Rehab of Mtn Shadows following timber harvest
  • Continued clean up of Mt 7 windstorm
  • Races: G24, ST6, Golden Ultra


  • Completed Schacher to the Mt 7 Launch site (total trail length of entire Schacher: 15.3km)
  • New trails: Buzz, Premature Excavation
  • Rehab of several trails: Reflection Lake trail, G24 course, Mighty Quinn, Trial and Error, Sternwheeler
  • Started the clean up of the July 2017 windstorm
  • Races: KH Cup, G24, TransBC, Enduro Series, Golden Ultra


  • Opening of Hymenoptera machine built trail
  • New trails: Berminator, 7Up, Bush Party, Rodeo Drive,  Easy Out, Schacher (from 3km to 5.5km)
  • Development of new GCC website
  • Races: G24, ST6, Enduro Series, Golden Ultra, KH Cup


  • New trails built Odanata, Hemiptera
  • Races: Kicking Horse Cup Road Race, Western Open BC Cup Downhill Race
  • Replacement of 4 boardwalks and 2 bridges
  • Rehab of Summit and Canyon Creek trails, and other smaller maintenance projects
  • Work begins on Schacher trail reaching up to 3K.
  • Over 35km more of trail brushing


  • Races: Single Track Six Race, BC Enduro Race, Kicking Horse Cup Road Race, Western Open BC Cup Downhill Race
  • On going trail maintenance and substantial brushing


  • Agreement signed for Mtn Shadows and a Section 57 obtained, giving GCC the opportunity to legally maintain trails in that area.
  • Lower Sternwheeler and Mighty Quinn trails developed.
  • CBT trail extended with an additional 1.4km of single track.
  • New kiosks for Reflection Lake and CBT Trailheads.
  • Development of the Gudjonson Trailhead replete with kiosk, parking lot, toilet, and 1.4km of single track (Sternwheeler trail) leading providing access to the Moonraker trails.
  • Andy Bostock’s Wednesday Wobble shows a strong following.
  • The first fall Poker ride.


  • A new trailhead is developed for the CBT Mainline trail system providing parking and space for a kiosk.
  • Gold Rush trail is put in enabling a 16km single track loop from town combining CBT Mainline, Old Age and Treachery, Gold Rush and Take it Easy.


  • Better Than Boston trail opens in Moonraker Network.
  • Old Age and Treachery trail completed along with Take it Easy, setting up the CBT Mainline Trail to be a trail system in it’s own right.


  • Major membership increase to over 100 members.
  • CBT Mainline Trail & Tequila Tonight trails are completed and opened.
  • Trailhead upgrades and washrooms opened at Cedar Lake and Sander Lake.


  • GC2 focus shifts from DH riding to XC trails with the expansion and development of the Moonraker Trail network.
  • Moonraker recreation agreement signed, upgrades to moonrakers ie summer trail crew, trail building, trail grooming with pioneer JOP forestry program, trailhead development.


  • 10th (and final) Annual Mount 7 Psychosis (4th year with Red Bull as primary sponsor).
  • 350 Registered Racers – the biggest year yet!
  • Chris Kovarik wins the last Pychosis with a time of 12:35.1


  • 9th Annual Mount 7 Psychosis (3rd year with Red Bull as primary sponsor).
  • Sam Hill (Runner-Up in UCI World Champs) wins with a new course record 12:49.00 time.


  • 8th Annual Mount 7 Psychosis (2nd year with Red Bull as primary sponsor).
  • Tyler Morland wins with a 12:58.33 breaking the 13 minute barrier.


  • Red Bull & Corporate Sponsors elevate the annual Mount 7 Psychosis race to worldwide renown.
  • Tyler Morland wins Pyschosis.


  • Information kiosk and washroom installed at the base of Mount 7.


  • Weekly DH race series called the “Toonie Races”. Open to all ages and abilities, this community event was a short race from the 3km start with a BBQ at the bottom. This event grew steadily from 12 riders to 50 riders per week ranging in ages from 6 to 50+ years
  • 112 riders from around the province attend the annual Mount 7 Psychosis donwhill race.
  • Developing a new full colour trail map.


  • Comprehensive system of trail signage throughout the Mount 7 network.
  • Developed a black and white trail map with trail descriptions and information about riding etiquette for retail sale.
  • Re-located the “Dead Dog” trail head and rehabilitated the old trail.
  • and God said “let there be a bike club in Golden”