Because of the precautions needed to slow the spread of Covid-19, we will be postponing the AGM indefinitely. While it would be ideal to have everyone in the same room, celebrating cycling in Golden, we acknowledge that it may come to having the AGM online. We are able to delay the AGM by three months […]

The Season is Not Quite Here.

With the long weekend approaching we want to remind everyone to stay home as per the Government’s recommendations. The trails in Golden are covered in snow and will not be ready for weeks. Once they become clear, trails are especially sensitive to rutting. This is because there is still melting frost below the surface and […]


Unfortunately, we have had to indefinitely postpone the Spring Kids Camp due to the current health situation. While there is a chance it may happen later in the year, it could also be cancelled outright. Stay tuned for more information. Stay safe out there.

GCC Annual General Meeting

Golden Cycling Club AGM is on Wednesday April 22 at the Whitetooth Brewery. Why should you come to the AGM? Most importantly, this is the election for the Board of Directors, aka; the people who help shape the direction of the club. If you want more than just your say, if you want to make […]


DIY RAKING PROGRAM   If you have been out riding the last few days you may have noticed some rakes at the trail head signs. Or maybe you haven’t. The idea is to rake the leaves off the trails so they don’t turn into organic slime in the future. This is the dark muck that […]


A new section of Twisted Sisters is now open and needs riding to harden the surface. You can get to it by riding up the ridge from Hemiptera or from Odanata corner, on the north side of Kicking Horse Trail. It will be put on Trail Forks soon.   Keep riding north, on the ridge; […]


The Golden 24 is this weekend and that means that trails will be busy busy with racers. Trails are not closed but please do be careful on Mount 7 and Mountain Shadows.   The race goes all throughout the Mountain Shadow network and 3k/True Value. Racers will be present on course from 11am on Saturday […]

FURIOUS-5 Chainless DH

FURIOUS-5 EVENT #3 – THIS FRIDAY JUNE 14TH   Ready to go again GC2 members? Here is the update for the third FURIOUS 5 event of the season. Don’t miss this one!!! Events #1 and #2 turnout was a huge success with about 40 at each! Note that the Events are capped at a maximum […]