Jeremy 2

Ride In Peace, Jeremy!

If you are Golden Cycling Club member, or if you have ever ridden in Golden BC, chances are Jeremy Harris has done more to improve your riding experience than most of your riding buddies! If life is a stream, his flowed, nudged rocks, exposed roots, moved boulders, and shifted the landscape to carve an inimitable riding […]

Alpine Trail Update

A quick update on the alpine ride application process.  Section 57 applications went in for 4 different trails several years ago.  Last summer a committee based decision was made to pursue the Hobo trail first with the $5000 we had been granted for an Environmental Impact Assessment.  The EIA was submitted at the end of […]

Volly Day Success!

Huge shout out to everyone who came out to work on the Twisted Sister volunteer build day.   We had between 25 and 30 people attend, despite the weather. About 250 meters of trail were built with only one bee sting to report!   Thanks to all who attended to help on the trail and […]

mount 7 race

Mount 7 Revived Enduro Race

A Golden Cycling Club Funduro race on some classic Mount 7 trails! Catering to Intermediate to Advanced riders. 4 Professionally timed stages and course marking Volunteer First Aid on course $5 entry for GCC members, plus membership for non members. Registration Opens Saturday 15th -28th till noon Higher Ground Sports& Derailed Sports. Race Day Registration $10 Beer, […]


June 1 – Mt. 7 Status Report

STATUS REPORT ON MT. 7 There has been a lot of work done recently on Mount 7 by dedicated cyclists of our community. They have been working relentlessly to get our beloved trails back in order. Combine this with harvesting of downed trees from last year’s storm and we will be back in action soon! […]

Bear Warning-Moonrakers-May 30, 2018

Bear warning! A bear has been spotted repeatedly in the Cedar Lake Campground area so be sure to use caution when biking the Moonraker network. Make lots of noise and learn how to use bear spray if you are going to carry it.

Help Stop Invasive Species

  Invasive plants litter the sides of bike trails and the Puncturevine can even give you a flat tire. Picked up in one zone, the seeds are then deposited into a new area via your bike tires. Be sure to wash your bike when travelling between different areas and look out for tire brushes at […]

Free Trail Workshop

SMASHING MORE DIRT WITH MARK WOOD Julie and Rich Marshall will be hosting a weekend Trail Workshop with Mark Wood for Trail Holistics. Mark has been instrumental in the renovation of ribbons of older trails and features on The North Shore. Date : June 9-10, 2018. This will be a FREE two day trail building […]

Thanks dudes and dudettes!

Donations and Gratitude

With March 31st being the conclusion of the 2017 GCC fiscal year, GCC would like thank all the race events that came to Golden and made financial contributions to the trails:   Golden Ultra: $2090 (donation)   Trans BC Enduro : $2000 (donation)   BC Enduro: $900 (trail use fee) plus paid for 2 days […]