Many people have been asking about the trail closure in Mountain Shadows. Currently, travel South on Selkirk Slacker is closed at the intersection of Chute the Duck. And Quentin’s is closed at the intersection with the road heading up to Five Firs. Also, if you climb up Reflection Lake you will encounter a closure at the Quad Path by the old stunt. Please have a look at the photo in this post and avoid these areas. Affected area is shown covered in Blue. The trails covered are Reflection Lake, and Quentin’s.

These sections of trail run through private land and the fact we have any access at all is due to the cooperation of the land owner. Please note if we do not adhere to this request, we run the risk of losing access. The owner is planning operations in the area and will make attempts to restore the trails after completion.

An alternative route to get up the clear cut would be to head up Chute the Duck at the closure intersection. Ride down the road past Quentin’s to the next entrance to Kobe’s or ride Huff and Puff through the clear cut to the section of Quentin’s above Five Firs.

Thanks for your cooperation.