The Mountain Shadows trail network is open to biking but access it through Reflection Lake trail. Selkirk Slacker entrance is closed because of moisture. Lower Premature jump line, below Selkirk Slacker, is closed due to early season riding damage.
Before you head out, read our Covid-19 guidelines again. Don’t go finding self serving loop holes. Respect the guidelines and don’t ruin it for everyone.
Key Points:
🛑Do not travel from one community to another to ride their trails. Trails are for locals to get exercise.
🚑 Chill out. Don’t push your limits. Now is not the time to get hurt.
🚻Distance is your friend. 2m when passing. 20m when following riders.
🚗🚙 Bike to the trails. Don’t crowd the parking lots. Park elsewhere if it is busy.