If you’re riding in the Mountain Shadows, keep an eye out and remember to make noise, there are bears in those woods! A bear and 3 cubs were spotted in the cutblock near Chute the Duck.

If possible, give them some space and head over to CBT until they move out of the area.

Remember a few tips to stay bear aware when you’re out riding:

  • Call out, make noise, let wildlife know you’re coming down a trail. Bikes move quickly and relatively quietly, don’t surprise wildlife.
  • Keep your dogs under control or think about not bringing them if you’re riding in an area where you know there have been bears sighted recently.
  • Consider carrying bear spray and know how to use it if you are carrying it.
  • Remember to give all wildlife lots of space if you come across any while out riding.

We ride trails in their homes, so let’s give them lots of space and keep them safe.

Check out WildSafeBC for more information on how to be bear aware when out on the trails.