2018 Moonrakers/CBT recap and 2019 plan

Greetings GCC members!

Well it hasn’t really snowed in 2 months and it sure feels like riding season is just around the corner so let’s start talking trails.

Here’s a quick recap of the work that was done last year in the Moonraker and CBT networks as well as a request for projects for this summer.

The season started with the trails being assessed and cleared of winter blow down and small drainage issues being addressed.

As many of you know the GCC secured a paid trail crew last summer and this will continue for 2019.  Last summer much of the focus was on Mt. 7 due to the 2017 wind storm and the lack of love those trails have seen in recent years.  The work they did on the Moonraker/CBT trails consisted of brushing, berm repair on CBT, and a short reroute on North Star to avoid seasonal flooding due to a beaver dam.

A very well attended volunteer day was organized by Bruce Tobias near the end of the summer on the new Twisted Sister trail.  He plans to hold another one this summer to continue progress on this trail.

Just before the end of the riding season $1000 of work was paid for by Trans Rockies for the damage that was done to Gold Rush during the Single Track 6 race.  This work was completed by one of the paid trail crew members and should have set up really well over the winter.

There was also a bunch of volunteer work completed by members.  Thanks to everyone who spent their valuable time making our trails better!

There will be a Moonraker/CBT maintenance meeting open to all members on April 8th at 830 at the brewery.  This meeting is to solicit ideas for maintenance projects and volunteer days but not about new trail building (even though that’s what most folks get excited about).   If you can’t attend you can email me your suggestions at  All of the suggestions will be prioritized and then discussed with the Mountain Shadows and Mt. 7 directors in order to create a job list for the paid trail crew.  Items already on the list are continued brushing and the repair/replacement of the broken bridges on Arrowhead and Bear Claw.  Volunteer projects can be taken on at any time.

If you are itching to do trail work as soon as they are snow free, raking leaves is always a good excuse to go for a walk.  Ideally this is done in the fall but anytime helps remove the organic debris that if left to accumulate can lead to slimy conditions when wet and longer time before drying.  Throw a hand saw in your backpack and lots of the smaller blow down could be cleared too.

See you on April 8th or at the AGM later in the month!