About GCC

In the mountain town of Golden, BC we understand that biking is fun. Serious fun. We have four trail networks and a bike park to prove it. Building and maintaining these networks takes some serious effort – physical, spiritual and administrative. That is why the Golden Cycling Club (GCC) was created.

Building bike trails on multi-use, multi-jurisdictional land takes community dedication and a loud political voice. The volume of that voice is directly proportional to its size. This means GCC needs you to join as a member. Doing so will increase our ability to keep those dirt ribbons well maintained and wicked good. You don’t have to live in Golden to be a GCC member, you just have to appreciate that the trails are here awaiting your next visit. There is a Membership and Support tab at the top of this page. There are also red metal donation boxes at the trailheads next to the kiosks – bring some cash to stick in if you don’t plan to become a member. It all goes towards the trails you ride.

In addition to meeting all of your biking needs, local bike shops, Higher Ground Mountain Sports, Derailed Sports, and Selkirk Sports, can provide you with trail maps and GCC information. You’ll also find GCC stuff at several other friendly local merchants, such as Darkside.

Golden features trailside camping for both the Mount 7 (right in town) and Moonraker (7km south of town) areas, in addition to a bunch of well-priced hotels. There is lots of good coffee and eats around, and a healthy live music scene in the summer. More info on accommodations, places to eat and other activities can be found at Tourism Golden.

Come join the revolution!


To offer an exhilarating mountain biking experience for all riders.


We create and promote opportunities for mountain biking in the Golden area, while also acting as stewards for the trails.


  • To develop and maintain mountain biking trails in a manner that is respectful of public lands and its stakeholders.
  • To foster community involvement in trail development.
  • To encourage participation in mountain biking by offering or facilitating events and skills development opportunities for mountain bikers of all ages.
  • To advocate for mountain biking within the broader discussion of recreational opportunities in the Golden area.
  • To moderate trail use by public and commercial users.

See our brand new strategic plan to see how we plan to move forward with making biking more awesome in Golden. GCC Strategic Plan