There has been a lot of work done recently on Mount 7 by dedicated cyclists of our community. They have been working relentlessly to get our beloved trails back in order. Combine this with harvesting of downed trees from last year’s storm and we will be back in action soon! A huge thanks to Rich and Julie Marshall for coordinating this work and spending countless hours working themselves. We are ever grateful to Mike Taylor and his big saw (and skills to use it) that has taken a chunk out of the trees efforts to block our trails. He has been our hired gun to clear trails with permission and to cut trees to length so they remain harvestable. Hundreds of loves go to the Kicking Horse Crew (Steve Crowe, Rob Hart, Brad Allen) that has spent over 100 hrs clearing trails as well. Another thanks to last Friday’s crew who cleared out the illegal woodwork to allow for harvesting and a big thanks to those who have been casually maintaining the trails as they ride. Not all work has to be done in an official capacity and it is often easier to deal with issues as they arise. A community that maintains together, rides together (unless Nate is on Strava, then he rides alone.


Summit: Only two trees down 1km above jeep road. Could use brushing and raking.
10k: Clear of trees and most debris, needs raking.
Erich’s: Clear of trees and raked.
Bris: Clear of trees and needs raking. Steep section has lots of debris.
Skid Marks: Contains blowdown but has 3 reroutes roughed in. Rideable but bushy. Below RTC corner has lots of debris and rootball holes. Harvesting of main blowdown to happen in fall.
5k: Clear
3K: Trees down and being prepped for harvesting.

B12: Trees down on rutty section above old road but new re-route to lower b13 is clear.
B52: Clear
6K: Clear
Schacher: Above 4k is clear. Below 4k is closed for harvesting.

The take-away here is that things are moving great, some harvesting is about to happen to make way for more openings and this weekend you should grab your rake and go out and tidy up some trails!

We are getting there! Go team!