JULY 31, 2017
The dominate issue for the month of July has been a series of wind events culminating in wind storm on the evening of July 23. Your local volunteer trail stewards have responded, removing dozens of trees and keeping these trails open. We have had to suspend other minor maintenance in order to deal with the problem. We did address the muddy section on Take It Easy with a new boardwalk and nearby trailbed maintenance.
We work closely with Ryan Harvey, GCC director of maintenance, and thank him for his support.
The new Buzz trail was opened a while back but with a 100+m section of trail missing. That section of trail has now been built.
Buzz is a two way trail located in the transmission line right of way. It was built primarily as a climbing trail to Hemiptera trail. (The south end of Hemiptera was built back in 2015 by Evan Fishlock and makes for a fun descent. Great trail work.) We expect Buzz to meet its full potential once both the extension down to CBT and phase 1 of Twisted Sister* are completed.
* We recently learned that Twisted Sister approval is expected this fall. This will be a volunteer build, stay tuned for more.