The Golden Cycling Club has created guidelines to help keep everyone riding and safe. Just because you are on your bike, does not mean things are back to normal so, remember, if these guidelines are not met, there is a possibility of losing our privilege to ride our trails.


  • Stay at home if you have symptoms, even if they are mild (fever, cough, sneezing, feel unwell).
  • Do not ride in other towns. No one should be travelling during these times.
  • These guidelines are to keep us safe and to help keep the trails open. Don’t try to find self-serving loopholes or push the limits on what is recommended.


  • It is not recommended to go riding with your friends. The safest option is to ride with people who live in your house.
  • When biking, stay 20 metres behind people on the trail. Because of the speeds bikes move at, we arrive in the leading rider’s airspace very quickly and 2 meters may not be enough.
  • The normal 2 metre spacing still applies for people you pass on the trails or in parking lot. Hop off your bike, walk into the bush, let the person pass.
  • Avoid driving to the trailhead if you can. If you must drive, park 4 metres apart from each other to leave room when you’re getting ready. No tail gate parties. No high fives!
  • Do not shuttle with people that do not live with you.
  • Do not bunch up at trail intersections.
  • Avoid using any facilities that others may be touching. Garbage cans (pack it out!), washrooms, tools, etc.


  • Reduce your chance of injury to avoid strain on health care services.
  • Ride well below your limit, practice extremely low risk riding. Don’t hit that drop, don’t try a trail for the first time.
  • Slow down. Speed increases the chance of crashing and for that crash to send you to the hospital. Turn off Strava, stop racing, and just enjoy being outside.


  • Do not be shy to remind your fellow cyclist to adhere to these guidelines. Together we can keep biking open and safe for all. Always be polite!