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Canyon Creek

Moonrakers offer something for everyone.  The smooth flow of the trails make this system a great choice for those somewhat new to trail riding.

Notwithstanding, there are several trails that more hardened riders will enjoy for either fast cornering descents (Devil’s Slide, Moonraker Trail) or steeper technical terrain (LSD, Canyon Creek). Combining your rides in Moonrakers with the trails of the CBT Mainline will offer some of the best riding in the province.

Along with great riding, the Moonraker trails are rich with natural scenery; there are four lakes and numerous ponds, views of the Purcell’s Dogtooth range to the west and the Rocky Mountain’s Beaverfoot range to the east, and Canyon Creek with its spectacular gorge dropping over 200 m from the canyon’s edge to the creek below.

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CBT Mainline Network

CBT Bike Trail Golden bc

CBT Mainline

Located on the west side of the Columbia Valley in the Purcell Mountains.  The CBT Mainline trails can be reached within a 10 minute pedal from Spirit Square (town centre). This area originally started as one trail called the CBT Mainline trail.  The idea in 2010 was to give local riders a trail right from town that could be used to reach the Moonraker trail system.

The excellent quality of riding, combined with the quick access from town, make these trails the go to spot for rides lasting from 30 minutes to several hours. Additionally, these trails can be used to access the Moonraker network for loops up to 5 hours long.

The trails in the CBT Mainline are well marked with a signed 4×6 post at every junction.  Note: the name comes from the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) granting program which funded the initial trail, as well as, many other GCC projects.

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Mountain Shadows

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Mountain Shadows trails

Many people will tell you that the Mtn Shadows are their favourite trail system to ride in the area.  The flavour of the day is fast and technical riding with a decent amount of rocky, tricky bits.

In general you will find that you spend the first half of your ride pedalling and climbing, and then finally have a killer return consisting of easy pedalling and fast descending. There are many different ways to ride the Mtn Shadows network, but there are a few trails that are commonly ridden downhill at fast speeds.  Although these trails are most commonly ridden in the down direction, they are still considered two way – so heads up!

Check out our suggested rides for Mountain Shadows and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to get a map and the Trailforks app.

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Mount 7

the Schacher trail in golden

The Schacher

Golden’s hotspot for downhill shuttle laps can be found on Mount 7, the prominent peak just east of town.  Named for the ephemeral 7 that appears high on the ridgeline each spring, this trail network has been the heart of local downhill riding for many years.

Over the years, the mainly old-school style trails have taken on a rougher and more rugged appearance.  It’s character can be summarized as steep!  It’s no bike park, just pure, proper downhill riding. Some new XC trails are starting to be developed on Mount 7.  Namely the bidirectional XC trail Schacher, which climbs right up to the Launch site.

The staging area for shuttling Mount 7 is at the Reflection Lake Trailhead parking area; complete with washrooms and an info kiosk.  All Mount 7 trails return to this point.  It is also the parking area for the Mtn Shadows XC network, so you can mix it up or split up if you have a diverse group.

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Kicking Horse Resort

khmr bike park

KHMR bike park

Only one word can simply summarize the bike trails at Kicking Horse Bike Park: diverse. Luckily there is enough space below here so that a more detailed summary is possible. Perched high above the town on the east side of the Purcell Mountians, the trails can be divided into 3 distinct zones: the upper mountain, the mid mountain, and the lower mountain.

Don’t have a DH rig? Not a problem. The brand new alpine uphill-specific trail allows you to continuously loop all the alpine trails with your XC or freeride bike, then return to the top of the gondola for a download, or continue to the valley bottom via the advanced T4 route. You can also ride the Catamount chair trails without the need of an aggressively beefy bike.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort makes for a great base for rides to the CBT and Moonraker XC networks via the Scalli Mag connector trail.

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Trailforks App

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What We’re Doing

The Golden Cycling Club is a not-for-profit organization.  This entire website, along with its trail maps and apps, will hopefully make your experience on these trails even more enjoyable.  You are responsible for your own well being on the trails.  Don’t make assumptions with regards to trail features and conditions.  If unsure then scout, ask, or don’t ride.

Bear Aware

Please remember that all these trails are in bear country.  For more information about bear safety, please visit our Bear Aware page.