Golden Cycling Club AGM is on Wednesday April 22 at the Whitetooth Brewery.

Why should you come to the AGM? Most importantly, this is the election for the Board of Directors, aka; the people who help shape the direction of the club. If you want more than just your say, if you want to make things happen, if you want to fight for your trails, advocate for certain demographics, make projects happen, crush some behind the scenes work; JOIN THE BOARD! This is also a chance to see the Golden Cycling Club come together as a whole. It’s members, its directors, its plans and goals. The GCC isn’t just some faceless facebook page. It is the cyclists of Golden. Come and be apart of it, meet your brethren, talk about what needs to get down. And buy your membership! That is the piece that gives the GCC it’s power. Trails don’t come from nowhere.

What do the directors do? Spearhead trail construction. Fundraise for those trails. Organize kids camps. Plan races and events. Organize trail work days. Lobby for local Government funding. Push through red tap so biking can grow. Deal with land management issues. Communicate to it’s members. Be a voice for the community. Come and check out what is happening and get involved.  The club is always looking for passionate people to join the board and/or volunteer. How do you join? Find a director before the meeting and say you’d like to get involved. During the election, shout out from the crowd, when asked, that you want in. That’s it!

6 pm Social: Hang out with your bike buddies, smack talk, make plans, high five, check out this year’s plans.
7 pm Meeting: Election!

Columbia Valley Catering will be dishing out their usual deliciousness. Whitetooth will, of course, have their beer available.

Memberships will be available that night but why not save yourself the lineup hassle and get it now at