If you have been out riding the last few days you may have noticed some rakes at the trail head signs. Or maybe you haven’t. The idea is to rake the leaves off the trails so they don’t turn into organic slime in the future. This is the dark muck that forms, holds water, and provides much less traction than the nice mineral soil below. It’s easiest to get the leaves off in the fall but it also works in the spring. The rakes are currently located at the start of Odonata, CBT, Sternwheeler, Selkirk Slacker, and Schacher. If you are out for a ride, hike, or dog walk grab a rake (and the string), attack the leaves, needles, and old muck and then tie the rake to a tree in an obvious spot further along the trail. Bonus points for posting the rakes location on the Facebook maintenance page so we can keep track of their location. Thanks! Happy riding (and raking).rake