GCC Executive Director – Job Description

  • Position reports to the Golden Cycling Club President (& Board of Directors). The ED is responsible for the efficient, professional, and Non-profit operation of the club.
  • Operations Manager and any part-time crew are direct reports to the ED.
  • Tasks outside of the general listing need to be agreed to and recorded at a BOD meeting and funding acquired prior to undertaking.

Administration Responsibilities:

  • Adhere to Annual budget.
    • Meet with BoD Budget team at time of renewal (August) to create subsequent year’s budget.
  • Maintain operations aligned with the RST-BC partnership agreement and Annual Operating Plan.
    • Main point of contact with RST-BC Rec. Tech (currently Trevor Hann) or with Front Counter BC.
    • Coordinate with Operations Manager the reporting required by Schedule E of Partnership Agreement.
  • Review and Renew Insurance Policy requirements.
    • Commercial General Liability
    • Director’s Liability
    • Ensure Waiver meets ‘standard’ and set up an online (low cost) system for online signing, so we don’t have to manually maintain paper waivers for each year.
    • Ensuring that annually we have named the private land holders etc. in our insurance policy.
  • Oversee implementation of the strategic plan.  Suggest when strategic plan needs updating.
  • Update Website to reflect current club activities.  (i.e. Review other club websites and suggest improvement to ours.)
  • Collaborate with Treasurer to manage invoices, payments, and various accounting responsibilities as delegated.
  • Update TidyHQ in conjunction with Administration Director for annual membership needs.
  • Maintain the Google Drive filing system and Google non-profit platform needs.
  • Recognizing and implementing policies.
    • i.e. Risk assessment reporting system and filing.
  • Working with land managers, access, and stakeholders including first nations.
  • Work with the Golden and Area Trail Alliance when required.
  • Maintain positive communications with government contacts, private businesses, and community organizations.
  • Attends Board of Director meetings.

Staff Management Responsibilities:

  • Support the Trail Crew Lead and the requirements of that position fostering a team environment.
  • Deal with contractors hired to build trails.
    • Call for bids
    • Award the contract with BoD co-signature.
    • Oversee the timeline and assess the work progress and report back to the BoD.
    • Ensure contract completion and payment is timely.
  • Coordinate the Volunteer activities (in conjunction with the Operations Manager and Events Director)
    • Track participants (volunteer letter agreements)
    • Track number of events using volunteers


Marketing & Sponsorship Responsibilities:

  • Prepare applications:
    • Prepare and submit new trail applications. The Trail Development Director would still be responsible for the plan, but ED would implement it.
    • Prepare or support the preparation of applications for grants.  Report submission and success to BoD immediately.
    • Deal with club and/or third-party event applications.
      • The Events Director would still organize the events, but ED would take care of any off-season paperwork or any delegated event activities.
      • The Skills Director would still organize the kids camp, but ED would take care of any Town of Golden paperwork etc.
  • Work with Sponsorship Team to contact and generate annual sponsorship dollars. Prepare the backup documentation that the Team requires, track contacts and success.


  • Degree in business, recreation management or equivalent experience.
  • Experience managing budgets, staff, and projects.
  • Illustrated excellence in relationship management.
  • Familiarity with various forms of fundraising, from sponsorship to grant writing.
  • Must have own home office, computer and supplies to do the job.

Compensation and hours of work:

  • Commensurate with experience: $30-35/hr.
  • March – September: 15-20 hrs/wk
  • October – February: 5-10 hrs/wk

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to contact@goldencyclingclub.com by October 5th, 2023.