GCC Survey Feedback

A summarized report of our 2018 member surveys for trail development. MASTER PLAN SUMMARY NOTES

CBT trail network, golden bc

Mountain Shadows Bears

If you’re riding in the Mountain Shadows, keep an eye out and remember to make noise, there are bears in those woods! A bear and 3 cubs were spotted in the cutblock near Chute the Duck. If possible, give them some space and head over to CBT until they move out of the area. Remember […]

Mountain Shadows Open for Biking

The Mountain Shadows trail network is open to biking but access it through Reflection Lake trail. Selkirk Slacker entrance is closed because of moisture. Lower Premature jump line, below Selkirk Slacker, is closed due to early season riding damage.   Before you head out, read our Covid-19 guidelines again. Don’t go finding self serving loop […]

Guidelines for Biking During COVID-19

The Golden Cycling Club has created guidelines to help keep everyone riding and safe. Just because you are on your bike, does not mean things are back to normal so, remember, if these guidelines are not met, there is a possibility of losing our privilege to ride our trails. REMEMBER: Stay at home if you […]


Because of the precautions needed to slow the spread of Covid-19, we will be postponing the AGM indefinitely. While it would be ideal to have everyone in the same room, celebrating cycling in Golden, we acknowledge that it may come to having the AGM online. We are able to delay the AGM by three months […]

The Season is Not Quite Here.

With the long weekend approaching we want to remind everyone to stay home as per the Government’s recommendations. The trails in Golden are covered in snow and will not be ready for weeks. Once they become clear, trails are especially sensitive to rutting. This is because there is still melting frost below the surface and […]


Unfortunately, we have had to indefinitely postpone the Spring Kids Camp due to the current health situation. While there is a chance it may happen later in the year, it could also be cancelled outright. Stay tuned for more information. Stay safe out there.


DIY RAKING PROGRAM   If you have been out riding the last few days you may have noticed some rakes at the trail head signs. Or maybe you haven’t. The idea is to rake the leaves off the trails so they don’t turn into organic slime in the future. This is the dark muck that […]