Normally this long, long weekend would be spent rubber to grit 24/7!! We’re not quite there yet.

We had a great response to our AGM and membership drive. 122 of our closest bike friends attended to support cycling initiatives for the 2017 season! Thank You!! It is not too late to sign up ahead of the season. The executive really appreciates early membership since it allows us to better judge the revenues we will be working with, how much insurance is required, and the different events to host. With membership completed before the season begins, your executive has the information needed to plan ahead in the interests of everyone.

To become a member just click on the membership link on the homepage of Fill out your info, and you’re set!

There is also a donate option on the home page. We appreciate any donations we receive and put 100% of them straight back into trail maintenance. Sometimes people come to ride the trails in Golden and they think “What a gem!!” Please know that it is the strong membership base of the club that allows them to stay this way. If you are not a member, but a Golden trail Lover, please consider using the donation option on the homepage to ensure the trails will be better the next time you come to ride!

Lastly, without volunteers, our club would not be able to maintain the level of service and quality product we turn out every season. Consider the ongoing plea to volunteer somewhere within the club.  There are event volunteer, trail maintenance volunteer, and information volunteer opportunities within the club. This year, just leave us your name with us and we’ll get back to you with the opportunities that fit your interest. If you are willing to lend a hand, send a message with the subject “volunteer” to and we’ll open it like it were free money!!

Until next time, think warm and tacky not wet and snotty!