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A quick update on the alpine ride application process.  Section 57 applications went in for 4 different trails several years ago.  Last summer a committee based decision was made to pursue the Hobo trail first with the $5000 we had been granted for an Environmental Impact Assessment.  The EIA was submitted at the end of last summer and we were informed that there was a moratorium on new alpine trails.
In late July this summer Rec Sites and Trails BC (RSTBC) organized a field visit to the area with several stakeholders as well as some biologists and wildlife habitat provincial employees.  Some great discussions took place and it was valuable to see how much use the area already gets.  The wildlife folks had some concerns about bear and goat habitat but no real data to back it up.
RSTBC has provided the GCC with some trail cameras in order to get a better idea of the current number of users.  These will be installed soon and will collect data year round.
Hopefully it will be determined that this is already a high use area and the wildlife concerns can be managed and mitigated.  So the process continues.
It looks like any riding in the alpine will currently require a fat bike.