The Buzz is About a New Trail!

BUZZ, the latest trail in the Mainline network has just opened*. The trail is located in the power line right of way linking the Odonata/CBT junction to Hemiptera trail by the orange gate. The trail can be ridden in both directions. From the Odonata/CBT junction the new trail offers access to Hemiptera, and from there […]

Smashing Dirt with Mark Wood!

Twelve participants were lucky to receive a free two day trail building workshop with Mark Wood from Trail Holistics. Mark has been instrumental in the renovation of ribbons of older trail and features on the North Shore. He brought with him a keen eye and some stoke to motivate builders in Golden. Thankfully, he stayed […]

Ride In Peace, Jeremy!

If you are Golden Cycling Club member, or if you have ever ridden in Golden BC, chances are Jeremy Harris has done more to improve your riding experience than most of your riding buddies! If life is a stream, his flowed, nudged rocks, exposed roots, moved boulders, and shifted the landscape to carve an inimitable┬áriding […]