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In the mountain town of Golden, BC we understand that biking is fun. Serious fun. We have four trail networks and a bike park to prove it. Building and maintaining these networks takes some serious effort – physical, spiritual and administrative. That is why the Golden Cycling Club (GCC) was created.

Golden Cycling Club
Golden Cycling Club2 days ago
Tonight's the night!

Tonight at 6:30 pm, join us via Zoom for the 2020 AGM.

Event details and Zoom link available on

Photo: Brian Coles
Golden Cycling Club
Golden Cycling Club4 days ago

The Golden Cycling Club AGM will take place this Wednesday, October 21 @ 6:30 pm.

For details, check the link:

We look forward to seeing you all online!
Golden Cycling Club
Golden Cycling Club2 weeks ago
THANKS'GIVER RIDE #3 amazing to see soooo many people enjoying this event and out enjoying some Fall riding. Ride #3 is the last of the series and has lots going in so please read this entire post carefully. There is still a Kootenay Week left to complete the rides so track the weather for the best days...or just getter done. Deadline for all submissions is October 24th.

RIDE #3 - (The Turkey Burner)

Ride #3 is also a BONUS round with additional prizing for the most CREATIVE PHOTO submitted. Each spot has been selected to have a what you will...nothing shocks us here at the GCC!

START at CBT parking lot
Climb Twisted Sister to the...
Continue on Twisted Sister to Odenata
Ride Odenata to Cedar Camp to:
Continue on Cedar Camp to Northstar
Take Northstar, Bear Claw and Moonraker to...
Starting up Moonraker, Take Bear Claw and Arrowhead to CBT
Down CBT to the...
From here, finish on CBT or go down GoldRush...your Choice
FINISH at CBT Parking lot

To allow our younger riders to complete the trifecta needed for the grand prize they have the following options that each count as a ride towards the 3 required fo rthe grand prize.

LOG CABIN - Ride 3A: Down Twisted Sister from KHMR Road

CEDAR 2 SWIM SPOT - Ride 3B: From Moonraker Parking, do Northstar, Cedar camp, Barking Dog, Arrowhead, Moonraker Parking.

Words to the wise from the not so wise...

"Don't be a Turkey....Go ride your Bike..."
Golden Cycling Club
Golden Cycling Club2 weeks ago
Reminder! The 2020 AGM will take place online via Zoom on Wednesday October 21 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

For more information and the meeting invite link visit
Golden Cycling Club
Golden Cycling Club2 weeks ago
RIDE # 2

From Night Rides to Sunny Smiles, there are no Butts about it, it's game on out there and our youngest rider so far is 6 years old..., So here is RIDE #2 (The Pre-Dinner Ride)
A little longer and a little more climbing. A warm up to ride #3

START at Reflection Lake Parking lot
Climb Rodeo Drive to the Woodlot Ride Double Track
Climb The Woodlot Ride to the Schacher
Climb Schacher to B52
Take B52 to 5K
Down 5K to Tail Gate
LEFT on Tail Gate Alternate to Selkirk Slacker
Left on Selkirk Slacker to Chute the Duck
UP Chute the Duck to Cliffside
Cliffside Clockwise to Magic Dragon
Down Magic Dragon to Huff'n'Puff
Down Huff'n'Puff to Roller Coaster
Down Roller Coaster Back to Reflection Lake Parking

If you did the first ride, this ride now earns you Ball Cap with the new GCC logo.

Don't be a Turkey....Go Ride your Bike
Golden Cycling Club
Golden Cycling Club2 weeks ago

OK Turkeys...let's get ready to Ride.....

Thanks'Giver Ride #1 (The Family Ride)

Starting from Home or Town there are 4 CHECKPOINTS on this ride. Remember you must take photos of yourself or your group in front of each poster and Submit them to with the Strava loop screenshot before MIdnight on October 24th. Have a Happy Warm Up ride. This is a members event.

-START at APES School
-Up Rotary trail
-Up 7 Up to Bush Party
-Bush Party Clockwise to Berminator
-Down Berminator
-Up Double track to Premature
-Down Premature to Selkirk Slacker
-Up Selkirk Slacker to Reflection Lake
-Down Reflection lake trail to Rodeo Grounds

Go home, drink beer or have hot chocolat and contemplate get ready for ride #2 the next day...RIDE #2 will be released SATURDAY oct 10.