Type: X-Country
Distance: 8.72km
Ride Time: 1 to 1.25 hrs
Elevation Gain: 273m
Elevation Loss: 297m

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From the Cedar Lake Trailhead go up the gravel road for 250m leading towards Cedar Lake itself – watch for the signed start of Arrowhead (#12) on your left.  Climb up Arrowhead (#12) and watch on your left for the the entrance onto Tonight Tequila (#13).  On Tonight Tequila (#13), first work your way down through tight switchbacks, then bomb through the winding straightaway.  You will end at the Tower Road (#22).

Turn right and climb the Tower Road (#22) to just before the top where you will see Bear Claw (#21) branch right (note: you will bypass left hand branches onto Bear Claw (#21), but ignore these).  After turning right onto Bear Claw (#21) near the top, continue for 15m then take a right turn onto Arrowhead (#12).  Take Arrowhead (#12) all the way back to the Cedar Lake Trailhead.

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