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Public service cycling announcement. Some recent talk here inviting argument about rebuilds in Mt. Shadows network. Please direct concerns to the appropriate director who will be happy to respond. Often there is more to a story than simply an issue of moving a root or rock. As you know we meet monthly to discus all related issues to each director's portfolio and resolve these with clear action plans. We do not respond or participate in complex and divisive conversations about trail sustainability online. So if you are truly concerned about what you see and have solutions in mind, the best way to get an authentic and attentive response is through your club representative. These are listed at goldencyclingclub.com. If you are just wanting to rant, do it on Golden Classifieds, please.
Additionally, we are always looking for volunteers to take on roles on the executive or as project managers for specific tasks. Let us know if this interests you.

As for the trails in Mt. Shadows, we are thankful the Slacker rebuild has happened so quickly and are further thankful for the work this person has done to rehabilitate the Golden 24 hour course.
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Justin PetermanFrom some one who built a large portion of the older trails and rides motor bikes and mt bikes in there I think the cycling club is doing a good job with trail management. I think the trail network has a good balance of flowy sections and very technical lines for mt biking. Just my opinion though.

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Alice FyallJust a quick question is there a great spot in there for beginners???

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Golden Cycling Club shared Kicking Horse Mountain Resort's Course Preview: Western Open BC Cup 2017.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
This is going to be exciting! I hear some hardtails may even make a showing!
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Jump onboard for Mountain Safety Dick Laing's course preview of the Western Open BC Cup DH race happening this weekend! Register now here: goo.gl/sP6JwC

Golden Cycling Club shared Kicking Horse Mountain Resort's event.

Bring your kids out to take in the action and get a taste for the race!
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Golden Cycling Club shared Kicking Horse Mountain Resort's event.

Great to see many locals riding this event! C'mon out!
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