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Golden Cycling Club shared Schacher's Trail's photo.

This dude is the dude
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GCC legend Chad Gennings installing official signage for phase 2 of the Shacher!!

This dude is the dude

Congrats to Magi and all those involved in getting the Scalli Mag trail operational.
Lots of hard work from the Ski hill crew, Starr trail solutions and others in some incredibly tough terrain have created a link from the ski hill to cedar lake road.
Go give it a rip
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Magi ScallionThanks for coming to the grand opening prez! Jeremy Harris

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Hymenoptera cleared yesterday - thanks Chad
Hemiptera cleared yesterday - thanks Yves
Got out and cleared Scacher this morning.

Please let us know if you come across any deadfall across trails in your travels and remember:
Reports of trees down = Great and thanks
Reports of trees cleared = You are a legend!

Reminder that any trees down in mtn shadows need to be reported to woodlot licencee by GCC prior to being cleared.
Thanks, enjoy a wicked sunday!
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Jay CyrNot sure if it got.cleared but the rotary trail in the woods by the airport there is at least 2-3 big ones!

2 weeks ago

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Thanks to Deanne and the Revy fire crew for again helping out for a couple of days
One day helping Rick with the Gold Rush - take it easy connector and then spending a day walking down from 10k and cutting deadfall out.
Very neighbourly of them!!
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Telsin Bennettare there still trees down from the top too rtc?

3 weeks ago

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